Founded in 1981 by Şevki Pekin, the architecture studio is led by his son Ömer Pekin since 2020.

Ömer Pekin Art Works
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Storage and Caretaker’s Cottage

Çandarlı, İzmir, Turkey


The architectural decisions for buildings which are to be built within the nature without an urban surrounding have always been challenging.

Whether they are in harmony or in contrast to their existing natural surroundings is a question of architecture. These farm buildings have come to being in an approach that is beyond these opposing ideas and are planned simply to form a pleasant enviroment as well as a patio for the users. Only personal instincts have helped to form the architecture. The color red carries no specific connotations. It is simply the preference of the architect. These lovers -or maybe just two friends- form the entrance gate to the vast olive plantation which is situated in between Dikili and Çandarlı, two townships in the Northern Aegean coast of Turkey. The buildings placed upon a platform are composed of a cottage, a bathroom and kitchen for the caretaker, a warehouse for the farming equipment and olive oil as well as a tractor garage, forming a patio for farm work. The roof and the periphery walls together form the five facades to the buildings. The buildings covering an area of approximately one hundred and fifty square meters are placed in the two hundred and fifty thousand square meter olive grove.

Client: private

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