Founded in 1981 by Şevki Pekin, the architecture studio is led by his son Ömer Pekin since 2020.

Ömer Pekin Art Works


Şevki Pekin Architecture is an architecture and design studio founded by Şevki Pekin in 1981. Pekin’s vision and passion for architectural design have paved the way for the company’s involvement in wide-reaching projects and its essential role in transforming architecture and design in Turkey. Today, with an experienced and dynamic team under Ömer Pekin’s leadership, Şevki Pekin Architecture continues to create in private and public spaces.

Ömer Pekin

Ömer Pekin completed his Bachelor of Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in Austria. He then joined SCI-Arc, Southern California Institute of Architecture, in the U.S.A. for his postgraduate education. After graduation, he continued his involvement with SCI-Arc as an instructor and worked in various local architecture firms. Since 2016, he has relocated to Istanbul and joined Şevki Pekin Architecture. Echoing his work in architecture, in his practice as an artist, he questions the limitations of the two disciplines. Since 2020, Ömer Pekin has been running Şevki Pekin Architecture.

Şevki Pekin

Şevki Pekin started his education in 1952 at Galatasaray High School and lived in Shannon; New York after Rome, Basel and Paris for the duties of his parents who were both doctors. Before he returned back to Istanbul 1959, he completed his primary school in Connecticut. These years played a major role in the formation of his perspective of life along with his years at Robert Academy (College). His first encounters with architecture started with his high school years as he followed the “Arts and Architecture” publications of Entenza  at USIS Library; reading on architects such as Louis Kahn and Saarinen and researching on the life of Michelangelo. During his high school years and after his graduation, his dedication to the profession deepened as he spent time with Prof. Ferudun Akozan and the central Office of Atatürk Cultıural Center where he had small scale occupations as well. With the encouragement of Dr Hayati Tabanlıoğlu and Austrian firm which undertook the stage design of Atatürk Cultural Center, he later went to Vienna. 

After two years at Vienna Technical University, he was admitted to the class of Prof. Ernst Anton Plischke’s class where he started to learn what architecture is from his Swiss and Austrian friends whom he never parted from later, Vienese architects and the time he spent as part of the Covent Garden Planning Team in London.

Pekin returned to Istanbul after his education and with the endeavors of his friends and team, 410 works have been produced until 2019. Through the past 45 years he gave project lessons at Bursa Uludağ University, Istanbul Technical University and Yıldız Technical University as well as conference and jury participations formation processes of faculties of architecture at 1927 Ankara Association of Architecture, İzmir and Bursa Chambers of Commerce, Vienna Faculty of Fine Arts, İzmir Institute of Technology, Eskişehir Osman Gazi University, Cyprus International University.

His works has been exhibited at İstanbul Technical University, Vienna Technical University, Amsterdam, Yıldız Technical University, Vienna, Spittal an der Drau Architektur FH Austria, Berlin, Torino, Brussels, Moscow, Jakarta, İzmir Chamber of Architects and StudioX.

A detailed archive of  Şevki Pekin Architecture' works completed between years 1977 and 2020 can be found at SALT Galata.