Founded in 1981 by Şevki Pekin, the architecture studio is led by his son Ömer Pekin since 2020.

Ömer Pekin Art Works
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Summer House

Bodrum, Muğla, Turkey


The building consists of a two story, cylindrical part shaped in natural stone and a concrete tower that is designed with a rectilinear floor plan layout. The second part houses the staircase, the kitchen and the bathroom. The big front terrace ,used from both floors, embraces the two geometrical structures.The top of the building is also used as a terrace and an open air sleeping area.

The house received the ‘Building Award’ in 1996 by the Turkish Chamber of Architects. The following year it was taken into account by the AWA International Yearbook. An extract from AWA 97 book (Award Winning Architecture).

“There is another striking aspect, too: a striving not only for greater transparency-as one knows it from the Modern Movement with its obsession for light- but for lightness of weight. This applies not only to buildings in steel and glass, but to solid stone structures with a clear geometry. They no longer appear to be monolithically heavy, but seem almost to have been assembled from a series of parts.” - A tendency to lightness by Manfred Sack.

Client: private


Sketches & Hand Drawn Plans


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